My Digital Signage Week

I have noticed a few digital signage related things happening in South Africa over the past few weeks that are annoying to say the least. It’s as if a number of Johnny come lately types have decided that this must be a fantastic bandwagon to be on, without doing their homework and attempting to understand how to do it correctly, much to the detriment of a new and ever trusting clientele.

Take for example poor B-Bank; they have just bought a dollop of N-brand, the Windows 95 of digital signage software. Some enterprising new guy thought that because it has dollar signs on the box it must be good. Little does he know that a locally grown product is replacing N-brand internationally.  I guess the bank can chalk it up to school fees and hopefully do a bit more research before buying a product that can only be sold in 3rd world countries.

Another trend is to vastly over state the footprint or number of seats that you have installed. There is a local company doing transit signage. They claim a thousand vehicles, after some investigation it’s becoming tough to find more than two hundred. Not to mention casually borrowing copy from competitor’s brochures and success stories. I’m sure that house will come crashing down shortly. Here’s hoping that there isn’t too much fallout with the markets confidence in the digital signage industry.

My last observation for the week was on how not to do it. Despite a few very successful examples to copy from in pharmaceutical signage, how do you still get it so wrong?  L-Pharmacies have put up signage, which in itself is not a bad idea. But if you’re going to copy the layout perhaps you should copy a few other things like screen placement, dwell time and not to mention getting the screens to stop over-scanning! Guys, here’s a hint, its the HDMI your using. You can thank me later.

So I would suggest the following. As with any industry, go with the guys who have a track record, the ones who are able to prove playback and are willing to show audited proof of installations. DC Media, One Digital Media and Izenso are your best bet. If your going to go with cheap and too good to be true, well don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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