Reaching through the Abyss

By Peter Muller - iOmedia Digital Signage is an enabler. Because of it's intrinsic ability to deliver engaging and, indeed, eye catching imagery over time, what resides within the mind of the creative can be brought to life relatively easily, so long as there is a will. No other medium can deliver an active experience better. While television is fantastic ...
Peter MullerReaching through the Abyss

I Hackz Digital Signage

digital signage hack

As meme culture becomes more pervasive I suppose it’s only natural that they will find their way to digital signage. In fact you may find that a specific form of communication may evolve out of it. That’s assuming these things evolve and aren’t guided by some divine whim.  This particular example is of an information screen at a University that …

Trefor BrockI Hackz Digital Signage

The Worlds First Virtual Store

Interactive Touch Screens

You just tap or touch the items you want and collect them on your way out.

Trefor BrockThe Worlds First Virtual Store

Pizza Hut’s eye-tracking menu knows what you want before you do

Pizza Hut’s eye-tracking menu knows what you want before you do

When scanning a menu, are you justifying that Dame Blanche sundae in your mind rather than actually choosing a dessert? Pizza Hut wants to help you skip your super-ego middleman and just let your id order that triple-cheese bacon pepperoni pie directly. It’s “Subconscious Menu” uses Tobii’s eye-tracking tech to figure out which of 20 different ingredients you’re looking at on a screen (see …

Trefor BrockPizza Hut’s eye-tracking menu knows what you want before you do

How to create a Foreign Exchange Rate Display


How to create a Foreign Exchange Rate Display Overview In this article I’m going to demonstrate how easy it is to build a live foreign exchange rate display board for a bank or a hotel using DC Media. With a foreign exchange rate digital signage project there are a few critical success factors: Pricing, currency names and symbols needs to …

Trefor BrockHow to create a Foreign Exchange Rate Display

Motivational Signage

Motivational Signage

This is a clever and innovative concept at an IKEA store.  It is aimed at creating a positive shopping environment. By simply using the anonymous video analytics engine and a morrow screen, an effect was created that will have those experiencing it talking about it for a long time.

Trefor BrockMotivational Signage