The Cloud vs. On Premise Debate

Cloud versus Premised Based Software

There is a lot of debate on whether digital signage should be housed on-premises or in the cloud. Of course, both cloud based and on-premises digital media management solutions have pros and cons. An ‘on-prem’ solution allows clients to have complete control of the system, so that data security is never an issue. While the cloud is optimal for dynamic …

Trefor BrockThe Cloud vs. On Premise Debate

Time for Near Field Communication


For years, Near Field Communication (NFC) has been the domain of Android-based smartphones. Widely used in Europe and Asia, NFC had never truly broken through in North America, and particularly the US. Now with Apple’s announcement of the inclusion of NFC in both the iPhone 6 and the AppleWatch, NFC will suddenly be “discovered” by the legion of Apple loyalists, …

Trefor BrockTime for Near Field Communication

Secure Your Digital Signage Screens

Smartphone apps for TV

I few years ago I did a piece on a securing your screens from interference via the Infra-Red port. At the time the only real threat was a small key ring device called TV-begone. It was being used by well-meaning miscreants to turn screens off in pubs and public places. Great fun. Unfortunately they were also being used to turn …

Trefor BrockSecure Your Digital Signage Screens

4k Screen Info from Samsung


I must say being an enthusiast of all things better than last week I am keen on seeing the true impact of 4k in digital signage. After all it is a medium who’s only purpose in lie is to be seen. In order to be seen it must be attractive, have the wow factor, and above all eye-catching. However, to …

Trefor Brock4k Screen Info from Samsung

Seeing Through Transparent Screens

Seeing Through Transparent Screens
Transparent Frames at MITIn an article for The Guardian, Six ways technology is changing the way we shop, Claude Nahon of Mood Media identified transparent screens as a “revolutionising the architecture of high streets”. Storefront windows will become interactive, revolutionising the architecture of high streets. Instead of simply displaying goods, these screens will enable shoppers to see entire catalogues, forthcoming offers ...
Trefor BrockSeeing Through Transparent Screens