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Arguing for Roadside Digital Billboards

In Dave Meslin’s article “Driven to Distraction” he links the distraction caused by digital billboards to automobile accidents as a leading cause of death; he suggests billboards are altogether unsafe and should be banned. Meslin’s claims need debunking. Meslin relies on two key studies to support his arguments around the danger of digital billboards. He makes the sweeping claim that “almost every …

Trefor BrockArguing for Roadside Digital Billboards
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Arguing against roadside Digital Billboards

Lung Cancer and automobile accidents are two of the leading causes of avoidable deaths in North America. In response, all levels of governments have introduced legislation, fines and public education programs designed to minimize risk and save lives. Anyone over the age of 30 remembers a time when restaurants and airplanes were filled with cigarette smoke. But starting in the …

Trefor BrockArguing against roadside Digital Billboards
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A new type of LED Photo Frame

I have to admit taking the lead here from Dave Haynes from Sixteen:Nine or when no-ones paying attention, Fourwinds Interactive, for the heads up on this one. I wasn’t going to talk about these guys because they feel they can do it all and don’t need the help of Signage software or any kind of advanced CMS which in my …

Trefor BrockA new type of LED Photo Frame
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DC Media Does it All

Below is a very comprehensive list of Digital Signage Software offerings  compiled by the folks over at Screenfeed. What is nice to see is that not only is DC Media Digital Signage Software on the list but it does seem to be one of the more capable offerings out there. Screenfeed FeedFetcher Software - Screenfeed has created the Screenfeed FeedFetcher which …

Trefor BrockDC Media Does it All