Motivational Signage

Motivational Signage

This is a clever and innovative concept at an IKEA store.  It is aimed at creating a positive shopping environment. By simply using the anonymous video analytics engine and a morrow screen, an effect was created that will have those experiencing it talking about it for a long time.

Trefor BrockMotivational Signage

Introducing Spotomate


Spotomate Lets End-Users, Vendors Build Agency-Quality Ads For $75 Or Less by Dave Haynes If you have been around digital signage for a while, you’ve heard the phrase: Feed The Beast. Screen networks are always hungry for new content. Don’t feed them with new material, and you end up with stale networks. Feed them regularly, and you have the accounting team …

Trefor BrockIntroducing Spotomate

Augmented Walking Dead

Augmented Walking Dead

For the release of season 5 of The Walking Dead some enterprising Austrian folks with lots of time on their hands and a bit of a budget, decided to create this masterpiece of augmented reality. The installation combined zombie footage shot for the campaign with a real-time feed of the Vienna streetscape, surprising people waiting for trams and allowing passersby …

Trefor BrockAugmented Walking Dead

Corporate Signage by Spyeworks


  Spye has worked with HGA on multiple projects and when it came time for HGA to move we were honored to be their choice for helping them incorporate technology into their new space. The lobby experience was a critical piece where we wanted to highlight the amazing work they had done, welcome guests and have the ability to tailor …

Trefor BrockCorporate Signage by Spyeworks

Oh No You Dont!


A company that controls thousands of New York City’s phone booth advertising displays has planted tiny radio transmitters known as “beacons” — devices that can be used to track people’s movements — in hundreds of pay phone booths in Manhattan, BuzzFeed News has learned. And it’s all with the blessing of a city agency — but without any public notice, …

Trefor BrockOh No You Dont!

Very Pretty Signage

7 Digital Signage Screens Are Suspended Across the Length of Oakley’s NY Flagship Retail Space.

Some installations are not so much digital signage as they are digital decoration. These 7 Digital Signage Screens Are Suspended Across the Length of Oakley’s NY Flagship store.  Incredibly stunning and well worth a mention. It’s nice to see that sometimes when proposing an idea someone doesn’t go, “Screens are how much?…”

Trefor BrockVery Pretty Signage