XP Waves Goodbye

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Microsoft have at last halted any and all support for Windows XP. No more security patches or fixes of any kind. Unfortunately the rest of the planet is still using XP. For many years it has provided a “stable” platform for business applications. By stable what I mean is that all those using it had leant how to manage the quirks, crashes and silly things that Microsoft release and expect us to just take it. What we have now is newer, not so much better operating systems that many of us are still learning how to manage and cope with whatever strangeness they may throw at us.

Below is an image snapped of an outdoor screen, running XP, who’s signage software had failed to kick in. I feel it is a fitting way for the old OS to wave goodbye.


Samsung targets bendable devices

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Samsung are going all out to produce bendable hand held devices. The benefits are quite obvious and if you look at combining the innovative wearable devices being developed you can see where its all going. For me however I see a bigger picture, Home Theater screens that offer a full 180 degree display that incorporates peripheral vision would be truly amazing to watch, not to mention Gaming!


Samsung has been ahead of everyone else in terms of flexible displays. Its Galaxy Round was the first phone on the market with a curved screen, beating out the LG G Flex for the honor.

Today, the company announced the development of a new method for synthesizing graphene, suggesting a future where phone screens and wearable devices bend to your will. Graphene is an ullra-thin material that has a hundred times more electron mobility than silicon, one of the most commonly used materials for semiconductors. With its durability and high heat conductibility, the material has many potential uses for the production of next generation electronic devices as a replacement for silicon.

The company, through a research partnership with Sungkyungkwan University, discovered a new way of growing large area, single crystal wafer scale graphene. The new method makes it possible to accelerate the commercialization of the material.

“This is one of the most significant breakthroughs in graphene research in history … We expect this discovery to accelerate the commercialization of graphene, which could unlock the next era of consumer electric technology,” the company said in a blog post.

Previously, engineers ran into obstacles that made producing practical applications difficult. Researchers found that multi-crystal synthesis, the process of synthesizing small graphene particles for the production of large-area graphene, deteriorated the material’s electric and mechanical properties so much that it limited its possible applications.

2014 State of Digital Marketing

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(Source: Stan Ventures)

Digital Signage being silly

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This was used to showcase Pepsi Max

Small Screen Signage

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DC Media’s Android platform was recently used to deploy Salon Media to 50 Hair Salons Nationally. The solution utilizes a 10″ Android based tablet, this provides everything needed, interactive touch screen, high quality video, sound and networking capabilities that provides for remote management.

The solution is controlled by DC Media’s Cloud based management system, this allows for advertising campaigns to be scheduled, content distribution as well as proof of play reporting. The DC Media Android Signage Software has matured to provide a fully comprehensive solution.

Salon Media Advertising

Salon Media Advertising

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